The Best Collagen and Elastin Products

Published: 04th July 2009
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Let's face it if you are thinking about buying one of the collagen and elastin products on the market, you might want to think, again. Most collagen and elastin enhancers do not work as the advertisers' claim they do.

If you want to improve your skin's firmness and elasticity, there are some beneficial steps to take. It is true that the skin's elastic fibers are responsible for its strength and elasticity. It is also true that the production of elastic fibers decreases with age and they are composed primarily of proteins.

While collagen and elastin products contain those proteins, they are denaturalized and cannot penetrate through the skin's outer layers to reach the elastic fibers. So, using them is not one of the beneficial steps.

The collagen and elastin enhancers available from cosmetic surgeons work by plumping up the skin's layers, causing wrinkles to be stretched out or increasing the size of the lips. Botox injections work by paralyzing tiny facial muscles. Botox is typically used around the eyes or on the forehead.

Over the counter collagen and elastin enhancers can work by stimulating the production of new elastic fibers, repairing damaged done to the fibers by free radicals or preventing damage that can be one by other factors. They may also stimulate the re-growth of existing fibers. Ingredients that are proven to provide those benefits include the protein keratin and the antioxidant coenzyme Q10.

Another ingredient called wakame kelp is beneficial for a different reason. It inhibits enzymatic activity that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Some of the collagen and elastin products on the market contain hyaluronic acid. It can also be injected to stretch out wrinkles. But, the skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for holding the skin's cells together and making the skin smooth.

The skin's level of hyaluronic acid decreases with age. The collagen and elastin enhancers available from cosmetic surgeons do nothing to improve the skin's level of hyaluronic acid. The use of creams containing wakame kelp does. After just a few days, the level starts to rise again and people see smoothness return.

There are a number of beneficial alternatives to collagen and elastin products. A cream containing wakame kelp, keratin and coenzyme Q10 is just one of them. Manufacturers have been misleading in their advertising claims to say the least. What they insinuate the product does and what it actually does are quite different.

The collagen and elastin enhancers provided by cosmetic surgeons are only beneficial for a short period of time. But, nourishing creams can provide lifelong benefits to your skin's health and appearance. Which sounds better to you? Most of us would prefer a more long-lasting benefit.

Make no mistake about it. Even some nutritional supplements are more effective than over the counter collagen and elastin products. Fish oil, for example, has been shown to improve the skin's firmness by 10% after three months of use. So, do a little more research, before you buy anything. In the long run, you'll be happier with the results.

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