The Most Effective Products for Sagging Skin

Published: 26th June 2009
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Let me tell you a quick story. There are a number of products for sagging skin. They are typically referred to as firming lotions or creams. The ingredients that they include vary greatly, but if you buy one from a major cosmetic company, you are not likely to see an improvement in sagging facial skin.

Major cosmetic companies use cheap chemical compounds that are not beneficial for the skin's health or its appearance. They advertise that their products for sagging skin contain beneficial compounds, such as coenzyme Q10 or other antioxidants, but they include such a small amount of those ingredients that there's no way they could work.

If you have sagging facial skin, you need more. You need ingredients that are proven to work in clinical studies and you need to find a company that is not afraid to include them in large amounts. I can tell you about which ingredients are proven effective, but you'll need to do a little research to find out which companies include a sufficient concentration.

Before I get to the cosmetic ingredients to look for, let me tell you about a newly released study concerning sagging facial skin and fish oil supplements. That's right. You really are what you eat. The study showed a 10% improvement in firmness after three months of supplementation. 10% might not seem like much, but it does make a noticeable difference. Now, here's what products for sagging skin should contain.

Any ingredient that is proven to improve the skin's moisture content or hydration is also beneficial for sagging facial skin. Pulling moisture into the skin's layers plumps it up and that makes it look firmer. I mentioned coenzyme Q10, above, because it has been shown to improve the skin's hydration by nearly 40% after six weeks of use. Unlike the fish oil supplement, you don't take it orally. You look for a topically applied cream that contains it.

Products for sagging skin should also contain the protein keratin. If it has not been denaturalized with harsh chemicals, which is the process that some manufacturers use, it will pull moisture into the skin's cells and fibers. Over the course of 18 days, researchers have recorded a 40% improvement in elasticity and an 18% improvement in the skin's ability to retain moisture.

COQ10 and keratin are probably the top two ingredients, but number three has to be wakame kelp. Wakame has been used in Japan and other Asian countries as a beauty preserver for many years. Scientific evaluation has shown that it contains some unique compounds that protect against sun damage and inhibit the break down of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is something like glue. It holds the skin's cells together. The skin's level natural decreases with age and that's one of the causes of sagging facial skin. If you think of fine lines and wrinkles as a kind of splitting up of the skin's cells, that's pretty accurate.

Make no mistake about it. The most effective products for sagging skin contain those top three ingredients at high enough concentrations to be effective. No one has to look old before there time, at least, not anymore.

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